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Celebrities from Coorg

There are lots of famous personalities from Coorg. Here’s a small list of them. Military Services: Field Marshal K M Cariappa (28 January 1899 – 15 May 1993) – The first Indian Chief of Staff and one of the highest Indian Army rank holders and was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army in 1949. Rai Saheb I P … Continue reading

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Coorg Hockey

Kodava Hockey Coorg is considered as the cradle of Indian hockey. More than 50 Coorgs have represented India in the international hockey tournaments. M P Ganesh, M M Somaiya, B P Govinda, C S Poonacha, Arjun Halappa and Len Aiyappa are some of the prominent hockey players from Coorg. A hockey festival is held in Coorg every year in which … Continue reading

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Civet Coffee – Kopi Luwak

Civet coffee in Coorg Civet coffee is considered world’s most expensive coffee. Civet Coffee is made from the coffee berries eaten by the Civet Cat and then passed through its digestive system. The civet cat eats the ripe berries and the proteolytic enzymes and other amino acids in its stomach pass into the beans. Passing through the civet’s intestines the … Continue reading

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