Coorg Weather

Coorg Weather and Climate Condition

The annual average temperature in Coorg is around 20 to 25 degrees. Except during mid-monsoon Coorg can be visited throughout the year as the weather in Coorg is very pleasant. The actual beauty of Coorg is revealed during the monsoon but we suggest tourists to avoid visiting Coorg during heavy rains as felling of trees due to heavy rains cause road blocks, loss of electricity, wild elephant menace and chances of falling sick are more during this season.

  • Winter : December To February
  • Summer : March To May
  • Monsoon : June To November

Winter in Coorg is very cold and temperatures drop drastically during night. Always carry warm clothes if you are visiting Coorg during winter. If visiting during monsoon then never forget to pack your rain wear as Coorg rains will drench you for good.

5 Responses to Coorg Weather

  1. ganavi says:

    superb… cool marvellous..mind blowing places

  2. nowshad says:

    coorg is coooool ……..

  3. RAMA RAO T says:

    is the october is best time to visit coorg pl let me know

  4. Prathap says:

    Coorg it’s wonderful place, I love here rainy weather,away some………….. love u Coorg

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