Activities in Coorg

Things to Do in Coorg:

Coorg is not just a place to watch and enjoy it’s also an ideal place for outdoor activities, adventure sports, games, food and shopping too


Trekking in Coorg can be an ultimate experience. Coorg has many trekking spots and the best period to trek is from October to February. Pushpagiri, Kotebetta, Thadiyandamol and Brahmagiri are the most popular trekking destinations in Coorg.

River RaftingCoorg river rafting

There are few organizations around Coorg that offer white river rafting in Coorg. Barapole river is the most popular river rafting location. Barapole river has some attractive stretches to raft through rapids. Organizers like Acepaddlers, Barapoleriverrafting etc , might help you get some good river rafting experience.

Quad Biking:quad biking in Coorg

If your are an motor bike enthusiast then Quad biking is a must try. Quad biking inside the coffee plantations will definitely drive you wild. Quad Biking is available at Kedkal near Madikeri in Coorg.


Valanoor fishing camp is an ideal place for angling in Coorg. The backwaters of the River Kaveri at Valnoor near Kushalnagar homes several species of fresh water fish. Mahaseer , Cat fish, Eel, etc are found in abundant here. If you have a knack for catching crabs then even crabbing could be fun. The best season for angling would be from October to May.

Bird Watching:

bird watching in Coorg

If you love watching birds in their natural habitat rather in captivity or want to take some amazing pictures of the birds in the wild then Birdwatching in Coorg is you best bet. Click here to know More about Bird watching in Coorg


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