Madikeri Gears up for Dasara

Preparations have begun in full swing for the celebration of historical Dasara in Madikeri. 10 mantaps will go round the town during night hours on October 6th of Vijayadashami day. Madikeri Dasara festival will begin on 28th evening at 5 P.M. with the taking out of the four Karagas, representing the four temples of ‘shakti devatas’ in the town. The Karaga procession would start from the Pampinakere here after the traditional puja.

The persons who will carry the Karagas will visit the Ram Mandir and later visit households seeking blessings from citizens.The Karagas from kanchi kamakshi, Dandina Mariayamma, kote Mariamma and Kundurumotte temples has the traditional and historical background. The priests who carry karagas will follow “vratha” before a month of the dasaraa festival.

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