Person claims Madikeri Fort is his !!!

H.C.Nagaraj claims Madikeri Fort as his Property. The Mysore based flour mill owner H.C.Nagaraj is approaching court to claim the ownership of Madikeri Fort which houses most of the government offices including the Deputy Commissioner’s.

Nagaraj who calls himself as H.C.N.Wodeyar, Maharaja of Coorg, and owner of the Madikeri palace has a family tree certified by a court. His lineage, according to it starts from Queen Devammaji, wife of Lingaraja. His link develops from one of the sons of the queen Devammaji. He accused the district administration of ignoring him and threatening to call police if he forces them to vacate the Fort. Nagaraj had been appealing them to give a portion of the Fort to him, or at least hang his picture on the wall.

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