Puttari – The Harvesting Festival


‘Puttari’ means new rice, and Puttari or Huthari is the rice harvest festival in Coorg. Puthari is usually celebrated during end of November or early December. On the Puttari day, the whole family assemble in their ‘Ain Mane’ ( the common family house ) which is decorated with flowers, banana and mango leaves. Special foods like thambuttu, kadaumbuttu, holige and puttari paayasa are preapred on this occasion.
coorg puttari
The Puttari festival is started of with the eldest member of the family handing a sickle to the head of the family, and one of the women leads a procession to the paddy fields, with a lit lamp in her hands. A gunshot is fired to mark the beginning of the harvest, with chanting of “Poli Poli Deva” by all the people present. Then the symbolic harvesting of the crop begins. The rice is cut and stacked and tied in odd numbers, and is then carried home, to be offered to the gods. A little crop is cut, bound in small bunches and is handed out to all those present during the occasion. The bunch of Paddy crop will be taken home by the folks and is preserved as a sign of prosperity.

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