Coorg Pork Curry

Pandhi Curry

coorg pandi curryThe delicious Kodava Pandi Curry (Pork curry) is a delicacy. Pandi Curry is eaten with ‘Akki Roti’ (Rice Roti) or ‘Kadambuttu’ (Rice Dumplings). Pandi Curry is a specialty of Coorg and is cooked on all special occasions. Special spices in Coorg like Malabar Tamarind (Kachampuli), Pepper, Cardamom, Birds Eye Chilli are included in the recipe which adds to the delicacy of the Coorg Pork Curry.


Pandi Curry Recipe


1 Kg Pork (2 Lbs)
1tsp Turmeric power
1tsp Cummin Seeds (Jeera)
8-10 Small Onions or 2 big onions
10-15 cloves of Garlic
3-4 Green Chills
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tbs Cummin Power
Vinegar or or Kachampuli (Malabar Tamrind)
Salt to taste

Wash the Pork well, remove excess water. Marinate the pork for 10-15 minutes with salt, red chilly power or pepper, and turmeric. Meanwhile blend the Green Chilles, Onions, Ginger and a little Cumin seeds. Then fry the Cummin powder until it turns darkish brown, add mustard and the rest of the cummin seeds and fry for few minutes.  Later Cook the marinated pork until excess water is drained. Now add the blended mixture of Onions, ginger, green chills, cumin seed and add salt and let it cook while stirring well. After the pork is cooked, add the fried cumin power and cook for 5 minutes on low flame. Add the Vinegar or kachampuli and your Pandhi curry is ready.

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