Civet Coffee – Kopi Luwak

Civet coffee in Coorg

Civet coffee is considered world’s most expensive coffee. Civet Coffee is made from the coffee berries eaten by the Civet Cat and then passed through its digestive system. The civet cat eats the ripe berries and the proteolytic enzymes and other amino acids in its stomach pass into the beans. Passing through the civet’s intestines the beans are then excreted keeping their shape. Later the beans are thoroughly washed, dried roasted and brewed.coorg civet coffee

It’s said that the Civets choose and eat only the best Coffee berries which adds to the taste and aroma of the bitter less coffee. A kilo of Civet coffee would cost around 15k – 20k in the international market and around 2,000 Rs per cup. There are very few coffee planters in Coorg who sell Civet Coffee and if lucky one can get a kilo of this exotic beans for around 5,000 Rs.

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