Chamera Cricket Tounament in Madapur

The Twenty 12 Cricket tournament organised by the Chamera Family from Surlabi kicked off yesterday at the Govt School Sports ground at Madapur.

The tournament will go on for 21 days and 116 Kodava families are going to participate in this annual tournament.

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Shivaji’s statue in Madikeri

Madikeri Zilla Panchayat is planning to install Chatrapati Shivaji’s statue in the town.madikiriPanchayat President Ravi Kushalappa was speaking on the occassion of Shivaji Maharaja Jayanti at Kaveri Kalakshetra in Madikeri and told that Madikeri ZP has decided to honor Chatrapati Shivaji by installing his statue in Madikeri Town. If everything goes as planned Madikeri will be decorated with another brave warrior’s statue in town.

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2 Elephants found dead in Coorg

Two elephants were found dead in Coorg on Thursday morning. One elephant aged around 35 died due to electrocution in Siddapur and another elephant around the age of 25 is believed to be killed in a fight between elephants in Thithimathi.

Locals accuse the Forest and Electricity Board for the unscientific methods they have adopted in managing the work which has led to these kinds of accidents. The dead elephants were later buried after regular process and verification from the Forest officials.

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Bear falls to death from a tree in Coorg

wild bear in CoorgA wild bear was found dead below a tree in Thithimathi Forest range of Coorg yesterday.

It’s believed that the bear might have tried to eat honey which was on the tree and fell from about 20 feet to the ground and died.


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Coorg students gear up for SSLC Exams

3,762 boys and 3,912 girl students in Coorg gear up for SSLC exams. Beginning today the exams will end on 16th of April. There are 30 examination centers in Coorg and 8 mobile vigilance squads are set in the District to keep a tab on misconduct. Strict prohibitory orders have been passed in and around the examination centers and use of cell phones inside the examination hall is banned.

Wishing students All the Very Best..

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Harangi Water Level Drops

Water level in Harangi reservoir has dropped drastically which has caused concern amongst farmers. There is only 2.037 TMC of water remaining in the dam which can store about 8.5 TMC of water.

harangi dam coorgWater level in the Harangi Dam is expected to still go down in summer and the farmers in areas of Mysore and Mandya are also worried about the issue as KRS water level is also declining.

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Bird Watching in Coorg

Coorg coffee plantations and lush green forests homes a variety of rare, exotic, native and endangered species of flora and fauna. The canopy of tall green trees and plants provide the best shelter and food for these beautiful birds and animals this makes Coorg a heaven for birds, bird watchers and  Ornithologists.

India has over 1250 species of birds, and Coorg alone homes around 25% of the overall bird population. Nagarahole forest reserve, Anekad Reserve Forests are among the best places to find the exotic birds of Coorg. Few birds which have their linage in Coorg like the “Fairy Bluebird’, Malabar Trogon, Nilgiri Laughing-thrush, Whistling-thrush etc.  are a very common sight in Coorg.

Birds like Malabar Parakeet, humming bird, kingfisher, partridges, peacock, White cheeked Barbet and a lot of other bird species can been see in their natural habitat. Apart from these normal birds several other species of Bats, Owls and Eagles can also be spotted in Coorg.

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Forest Fire in Kushalnagar Forest Range

Wildfire inside the Kushalnagar reserve forest has begun to gain more momentum and has created fear among villagers who are struggling to save their properties and live stock.

The fire at Attur forest range has spread to the forest on either side of Harangi reservoir road. Fire fighters, forest gange officers along with nearby villagers are trying to control the madly burning fire but with little outcome.

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Mahouts on strike in Dubare Elephant camp

Mahouts at the Dubare Elephant Camp in Kushalnagar went on strike on Friday against the government  to confirm their services.  Twenty mahouts and assistants protested by sending 16 camp elephants into the forest and denying to work. The Mahouts alleged that of the 26 mahouts working with the Forest Department in the camp, the services of 10 were yet to be regularized but the Government had not confirmed the services of 10 mahouts.

Dubare  was almost empty  as visitors could not take the boat ride to cross the river as the boat were also halted due to the strike.

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Person claims Madikeri Fort is his !!!

H.C.Nagaraj claims Madikeri Fort as his Property. The Mysore based flour mill owner H.C.Nagaraj is approaching court to claim the ownership of Madikeri Fort which houses most of the government offices including the Deputy Commissioner’s.

Nagaraj who calls himself as H.C.N.Wodeyar, Maharaja of Coorg, and owner of the Madikeri palace has a family tree certified by a court. His lineage, according to it starts from Queen Devammaji, wife of Lingaraja. His link develops from one of the sons of the queen Devammaji. He accused the district administration of ignoring him and threatening to call police if he forces them to vacate the Fort. Nagaraj had been appealing them to give a portion of the Fort to him, or at least hang his picture on the wall.

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